We are delighted to offer for sale this ‘statement’ clock which is the ideal centre piece for a sophisticated wooden kitchen or as the perfect foil over the hall table. Live your life with the endearing tick of an English dial clock.

This 28 cm (11 inch) diameter dial wall-mounted late Victorian clock with mahogany turned surround is by Poynter & Son of Bracknell. Its clear dial is enhanced by a ‘spade’ hour hand to allow the time to be read easily at a glance. The movement is a solid single fusee, chain-driven, between high quality brass plates with four pillars and has been cleaned and serviced in our workshops.

The overall diameter of the clock is just under 36 cm (14 inches) and it measures 14 cm (5½ inches) back to the wall. It comes with its own winding key and pendulum. It is available for sale at £895 (incl VAT).

Southern Clocks is always delighted to set up our clocks and provide assistance in helping new owners live with their clocks.

To enquire about this clock please contact jd@southernclocks.co.uk or telephone +44 (0) 1483 200503